Boston St Nicholas C of E Primary School
Church School
Every term we have a whole school focus on one Christian value. So far we have had; trust, friendship, thankfulness, endurance, hope, faith, love, peace, compassion and this term it is...


When you come into school you can see how we display our values proudly. Our core values of Love, Faith and Hope as well as our other values such as trust, friendship and endurance. We are proud of the work we have done as part of these values and global citizenship. All of which can be seen here. We hope you enjoy looking at what we have been doing.


When you come into our school you will  see how prayer and reflection are an important part of our day. Alongside prayer and reflection times in class there is space in the entrance for children to continue this in their own time. We have a special prayer corner where children can read the prayers of others and write their own to hang on our prayer tree. These prayers are sometimes used within collective worship. We also have a reflection space with Bibles and images for the children to have some peaceful time. The images are accompanied by questions from our school mount cognito to promote the children's thinking.


Have a look at the fantastic displays that can be seen in our school corridors. Children worked hard in class to produce work related to what they had looked at during our term of compassion, and the ideas they had discussed during their reflection times. Every class shared their learning in a different ways and there are many brilliant thoughts and ideas to be read.


At St. Nicholas we consider reflection an important part of our day and a time to develop our thinking. We have reflection time in our classes on everyday of the week. It is a chance to explore questions related to our whole school theme  (the term's value) and the focus for that week. We use the reflection symbols as part of these times to help us extend our thinking. In Key Stage 2 this is an opportunity to explore 'big questions' related to the focus for the week.

Every classroom has a reflection area with a Bible and our school reflection symbols displayed. This area includes a class tree where children's reflections can be displayed. All classes have their own reflection journals which is a place to keep children's reflections to be looked back at. These are kept in the reflection area and are added to every week. In Key Stage 2 children have individual reflection journals which they can use in their Key Stage 2 Collective worship as well as at any other time when they'd like to independently reflect and add to their journal.

values in action

Democracy in School
At the beginning of the Autumn term members of Year 6 (Baobab Class) ran an election campaign for the positions of Head Boy and Head Girl. They made speeches in family collective worship for all the children and parents explaining what they would do for the school and why we can put our faith in them. Everyone in school went to our election and completed a ballot paper.

Syrian Refugees
As part of our value of faith we raised awareness of the refugee crisis within our school community and carried out fundraising in order to give the people coming from Syria a little more faith.

Hope for Children
As part of our value of hope we made links with the charity Hope for Children. We had a fundraising afternoon for them in which we wrote prayers for a school prayer book, named our new class prayer bears and designed a logo for our classroom based on the school reflection symbols.

You can find out more about them here...

collective worship

We value our Collective Worship as an important time and come together for it every day.
Our collective worship timetable is as follows:
Monday - Weekly focus introduced by SLT followed by singing practise (whole school).
Tuesday - Key Stage 1 (Key Stage 2 in classes) led by class teachers.
Wednesday - Key Stage 2 (Key Stage 1 in classes) led by class teachers.
Thursday - Father Paul (whole school).
Friday - Family Celebration with weekly awards (whole school) led by Mrs S Birks.

Every term Father Alan (retired Bishop's representative) also comes to see us and lead us in our Collective Worship. We always look forward to seeing him and his 3 bears.

St. Nicholas church, skirbeck, boston

We have close links with our name-sake church. Father Paul is a regular visitor in school, coming to lead our collective worship once a week and also coming in for different events we hold in school.

At the start of the school year our new EYFS children get presented with Bibles to welcome them to our school. In October we go to St. Nicholas to do our Harvest service, every class always prepare something to present (ranging from drama and music to art work), and it is an enjoyable morning. In December we celebrate St. Nicholas Day and go there for our Christingle service. Year 6 make Christingles for the whole school and we visit in our Key Stages. We always have an Easter service where once again all the classes prepare work related to the Easter story to share. This year we looked at how our school values can be seen through the events surrounding the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. Our Year 6 leavers go in the summer and are presented with Bibles to take with them as they move on to Secondary school.