Boston St Nicholas C of E Primary School
EYFS Cherry Tree Class

Welcome to Cherry Tree Class with Mrs Jewsbury, Mrs Johal, Mrs Harrison and Mrs Burdass. 

Summer term 1 : in the jungle

Our topic the first half of this term is In the Jungle.
We will start by exploring the environment in the jungle and finding out about the different animals in the jungle. 
We  will  be  learning  stories, poems and songs about jungle animals. 
We will be also investigating different environments and growing. The  children have been thinking about new life and will be planting their own seeds. 

Summer term 2 : mini beasts and life cycles

Later on in the term the children will continue to investigate growth by investigating different life cycles and exploring different mini beasts.

EYFS Curriculum

Prime areas

Personal , social and emotional development

The children will be encouraged to continue to work together, listening to and take into  account the ideas of others.  We will look at how to express our feelings and coming up with our own solutions to any problems or disagreements.


Communication and Language

Role play areas will continue to encourage communication, investigation and interaction.  This term these will include our Jungle Café, a Vet’s Surgery, Building site and Mud Kitchen.

The children will continue to use actions and talk to sequence, recall  our stories. We will be thinking about the beginning, middle and end of stories with a jungle theme.

Physical development

 The children will continue to write their full names and practise their handwriting: including writing their numbers to 20 and beyond.
We will continue with the apparatus and on the floor developing balancing and climbing skills.  The importance of safety and transporting equipment will be considered. The children will explore their ball handling skills.
Nearly all the children have achieved one of  their goals from last term and are able to put on and fasten their coats independently. They are very proud! WELL DONE! We will continue to support those who need just a little more time - so don't give up and keep practising!

Specific Areas


​ During daily Read, Write, Inc lessons the children will continue to learn the sounds to groups of letters.  New tricky or red words will continue to be taught.  Correct letter formation will continue to be a focus.
We will continue to read and write simple sentences using our phonic knowledge during guided reading and writing lessons. The children will begin to extend sentences and include capital letters and full stops.

 Your child is expected to read/look at their book atleast 3 times a week. 

Take a look at the children teaching each other to read:
And choosing to write in our independent Superhero writing area:


 We will be continuing with counting, subtraction, sharing, doubling and halving.  We will continue to count in 10’s and begin to count and sort in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. The children will explore problem solving, including adding, recognising, naming and writing numbers to 20 and beyond.
In shape, space and measure we will continue to look at and use vocabulary related to time.  This will include sequencing, hours, months and days of the week.
Take a look at some of our Maths  counting activities from last term:
Using money:

Understanding the world

Exploring  Changes in the environment

​We will begin to explore the changes in our local environment along with the Seasons.  The children will investigate changes in the environment with Summer and growing. 



Expressive Art and Design

​ The children will follow the theme of jungle animals and growing by painting, making  collages, and models. Being imaginative will be encouraged
throughout play in the new role play areas inside and outside.  The children will continue to explore music and create movement.

REligious education

This term we will be learning the story of Creation and think about Our wonderful World and living things.

School Values


We used the story from the bible of Daniel and the Lions to help us think about faith.


We thought about compassion and how we  have love in our hearts.



This term our value is Friendship and the children have already started to list what makes a good friend in our reflection area.

special events and important information

The children enjoyed a fabulous trip to Boston's Fire Station last term for our 'People who Help Us' topic.

How Exciting!

The children enjoyed their first school trip to visit Santa Claus at Bay Tree and had a fabulous time exploring the Winter Wonderland, riding Santa's Christmas sleigh and visiting the reindeer!