Boston St Nicholas C of E Primary School
Year 1 Almond
​Welcome to year one!
We have had a fantastic start to the term in Almond tree class and we have been  very impressed with how grown up all the children are!
This term our topic is ‘Marvellous Me’ so we will be finding out about ourselves including:
· Naming parts of the body
· Our 5 senses
· Our own timelines from being born until now
· Our families, pets and likes and dislikes.

​It’s Good to be Green!

​Our new behaviour system focuses on rewarding good behaviour!  Every day a child has kept their green card all day they are awarded a sticker for their chart.  On Fridays if they have been green all week they will come home wearing a special “I’ve been good all week” sticker!  At the end of each term those children that have been green every day all term will have a very special big treat to reward them for being amazing!   

Our Core Values

​This term our core value is family We will be thinking about the different types of family that we belong to and what it means to us , both in collective worship and in our classroom.  Perhaps you would like to talk to your child about what it means to you and your family ?


​Everyday all children take part in a phonics session as well as other reading and writing opportunities.  Please continue to practise your child’s speed sounds with them at home using the books provided last year.  
In our writing we will be practising:
· Sounding out our words
· Finger spaces
· Capital letters and full stops
· Reading our work to check that it makes sense.
· Beginning to use the conjunction and.

We also read and share books everyday.  Sometimes this is an adult reading to the children, sometimes a big book that we read together and sometimes independent reading on our own!   We love to read!   Please help us to continue and grow your child's love of books by reading with them at home.


​We have our daily maths sessions every morning.  As we are in year 1 we will be looking at larger numbers up to 100 when counting, and calculating with numbers to 20.  
  Our key areas of learning will be:
· Counting to 100 and then practising counting backwards.
· Reading numbers in numerals and words  to 20 then extending this to 100
· Practise number bonds to 10  (9+1, 8+2, 7+3, 6+4 etc) and being able to recall these quickly
· Addition and subtraction of numbers within 20.

You can help at home by counting as often as possible (both forwards and backwards), playing games involving number (dice games are great fun), looking for numbers when out walking ... Can they read the numbers on houses/signs?!).


Our R.E. unit this term is 'visiting a Christian church'.   We will thinking about special places, visiting the church, finding out about the things we have seen inside the church and asking Father Paul some questions about his role.


We have been finding out about the seasons.  We learnt that in Autumn the days get shorter,  it gets colder , some leaves change colour then fall off the trees and some animals get ready to hibernate.  We went on an adventure to the wooded area to find signs of Autumn! We also took part in our school Harvest Festival saying thank you to God for all of the food we have.

As part of our science learning about senses we explored the autumnal fruit ..pumpkins! We found out how they are grown and harvested.  Then we all worked in teams to use our senses to investigate our own was a lot of fun!  Finally we used the vocabulary we had used to describe the pumpkins to write about them.

Our Visit to the Church

As part of our R.E. learning we walked to St Nicholas' Church.  Father Paul met us there and told us lots of interesting facts about the Church.  We then had the opportunity to explore the Church ourselves and ask lots of questions about what we saw.


We had a very exciting morning on our first day back after the holidays.......a space ship had crash landed at our school!   Mr Chamberlain (our caretaker) send us a copy of the CCTV images from last night where we spotted a flying saucer above the conservatory!   We decided to go out and investigate.....and we found the crash site!
Wow!   It was very exciting! We had so many questions and ideas as to what had happened and what we should do next that we decided to write our own plans!   Most of us agreed that we should go closer and investigate......Coney was brave enough to do so and he found some baby aliens that had hatched from their eggs!
We are looking forward to doing some more investigating tomorrow!

Moon Zoom Home Learning Projects

We have been set the challenge of a space themed project.  This can be anything to do with our topic.....we already have models, poetry, fact files, information texts, drawings and diagrams.  We have been sharing our projects with the class explaining how we made them and what we have learnt.

Spring Term 1,  2018

Welcome back to school, we hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and new year.   We are looking forward to lots of exciting things this term and watching the children grow and learn.  We would like to thank our parents and carers in advance for all of their support including listening to the children read at least three times a week and practising their sounds.

Bright Lights, Big City!

​Hop on board a big, red bus and head for England’s capital. Yes, that’s right, we’re on our way to London! This half term, we’ll take tea with the Queen and visit Buckingham Palace online. Using maps and research, we’ll locate Buckingham Palace, understand compass directions, plan routes around London and learn about the countries of the United Kingdom. Our research will take us back in time to the Great Fire of London and to famous London landmarks, as well as giving us an understanding of what it’s like to live in a big city.  We can't wait!

Our WOW event  - An afternoon tea party at Buckingham Palace!

We started our topic finding out about the Queen and where she lives.   We found out about the countries she reigns over and looked at photos of her family and houses.  We then planned our very own Buckingham Palace tea party! We all helped make sandwiches and cakes, create table decorations, make table cloths and royal paper chains.  By the time we had finished our classroom looked a truly royal place! 

Tea Party Preparations

Time for tea!

A fun ending with lots of dancing and games!

Waving our flags we finished the afternoon singing the national anthem!

We are looking forward to lots more fun learning about London and our royal family!

P.E. - Tennis

On Thursday 4th January we welcomed the coaches from Boston tennis club to our class to share with us some of their skills!  We all enjoyed the lesson and we certainly have some budding tennis stars of the future!  All the children who took part in the lesson have now been invited to visit the tennis club to take part in some free coaching sessions....what an amazing opportunity!

Our Value

This term our school value is REVERENCE.  We look forward to exploring what this means with the children and  learning how they can be reverent in their lives.

Topic Work

We learnt about the artist Andy Warhol and the techniques he uses to create his pop art pictures.   We looked at some of his work and then designed our own tile to create our own pictures.  We then used bright coloured paint to print the pictures in different colours.   Our chosen picture was the Queen and we enjoyed drawing portraits of both her and of each other.    Here are some of our pictures.
As part of our topic work we have been learning about landmarks, buildings, transport and other things special about London.  We then learnt how to make moving things in pictures using different skills.   Finally we put all that we had learnt together to produce a picture of London with at least two moving parts.  We found that we had some very good designers in our class!  Below you can see some of our pictures that we are very proud of!

Our Homework Projects

We have had lots of families working together to create some fantastic homework projects on the theme of cities!   The children have really enjoyed sharing them with the whole class and we have been amazed at how confidently they have spoken.  Evelina was particularly excited to share with us her model of Tower Bridge and this led to lots of excitement about the bridge itself, so spent some time learning about how the bridge moves and why!   
Take a look at some of our projects!

The Great Fire of London

To start our investigations about the Great Fire of London we enjoyed a visit from Mr Steve from Asda in Boston, who spent the day with us baking our own loaves of bread.  We listened carefully to instructions, then all were able to weigh,measure, shake, squeeze and knead our very own bread loaf!  Of course the best part was all trying a slice of our own loaves at the end of the day!

Houses in 1666

We found out that the Great Fire of London happened over 350 years ago!  We looked at some pictures of what London was like then and compared it to what it is like now.  We looked carefully at the houses and found out how they were built.  After that we designed and built our own model houses working cooperatively with our partners.