Boston St Nicholas C of E Primary School

Almond tree class

Welcome to year 1 from Mrs Tewnion and Mrs Jargilo!

please remember...

We have INDOOR PE with Mrs Tewnion and OUTDOOR PE with Mrs Dougill on Thursdays so please make sure you have the correct PE kit in school (and named).
Please make sure your child has a named water bottle in school at all times so that children have access to a drink at all times. This is particularly important now that the summer is here.
With the good weather upon us please ensure your child has a (named) hat in school to wear at playtime and lunchtime. Any sun cream brought into schools should also be named and can only be applied by the child onto themselves.

summer term 1

Our topic for the term is 'Commotion in the Ocean'.  We are going to be doing all our English based on underwater books such as Bart the Shark, The Rainbow Fish and of course Commotion in the Ocean.
We will be exploring the UK in Geography; learning the names of the countries which make up the United Kingdom and using vocabulary related to location and compass points to discuss where each country is.
During this topic we will be developing our art and design technology skills to design and make our own aquarium models. It is going to be an exciting term, ending with a trip to Skegness Aquarium.


Year 1 worked hard to design their own aquariums. They used paint and colour mixing for the inside of their shoebox model to create the water and added sand to the floor for extra texture.  The children use a range of joining techniques to stand and hang seaweed, coral and fish in their aquarium. They used clay to mould 3D models for the base of their aquarium, children created caves, shipwrecks and coral for the fish to hide amongst.


We had so much fun when we visited Skegness Aquarium at the end of term. We had a guided tour and learnt lots about all the different kinds of underwater animals they have. We saw jellyfish, eels, leeches, poisonous frogs, different kinds of fish, sharks, stingrays and crabs. We got to see Jamie the diver go into the main tank to feed the fish. While he was in the tank we had the opportunity to ask him questions such as "Which is your favourite fish?" and "What made you want to be a diver?" then he taught us that fish can be trained. He explained that he wears different coloured rubber gloves for each of the foods he gets out and the fish know when it is their turn when they see the colour he has put on.

After lunch we did a bio-luminescence workshop. We learnt about how fish adapt to their environment and what they have developed to help them live in their habitat. The focus was those which live in the deepest darkest waters and have got different ways to create light. We then created our own luminescent pictures using UV paint on black paper. Everyone had a lot of fun.


Our topic for the term is 'Beside the Seaside'. We will be using seaside based books for the basis of our English work. We will read stories such as The Snail and the Whale and The Singing Mermaid.
In Geography we are going to be learning about different kinds of places and the features of a place. We will be using the vocabulary of human and physical features to describe what a place is like.
During this topic we will be learning about how to prepare food hygienically and we will be making our own sandwiches for our seaside picnic. We will be joining with EYFS Cherry Tree for our own seaside adventure including building sandcastles, games on the beach and paddling in the water. So lots to look forward to!