Boston St Nicholas C of E Primary School
Year 1 Bay

Welcome to Bay Tree Class with Mrs Tewnion and Mrs Clarke

Our Class Pet
All the children in Bay Tree were really eager to have their own pet they could look after together. So Mrs Tewnion went out a chose a 10 week old baby lionhead rabbit. The children were all really excited when he arrived at school. They all got the opportunity to suggest a name for him, all the ideas went into a pot and one was pulled out, the winning name was Sonic (suggested by Crayford). Pets at Home have very kindly donated a hutch for Sonic so that he will be warm and safe living in our year 1 outdoor area. The childen have already learnt about being gentle and kind to him, what he needs to eat and how often he needs cleaning out. After half term children will be beginning to take responsibility for holding him and making sure he has the food and water he needs every day. Look at these lovely photos of Sonic settling into his new home.
Shape and Pattern
Mrs Tewnion and Mrs Clarke try to always make the learning fun in Bay and with our shape and pattern learning we have been having lots of fun! 
Having learnt about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes Mrs Clarke took groups of children to build their own shapes using matchsticks and blu-tac. Look at all the different 2D and 3D shapes we created.
We worked with Mrs Tewnion to create our own repeating patterns using coloured 2D shapes, look at all the different patterns we came up with.