Boston St Nicholas C of E Primary School


​Welcome to Lemon Tree Class!   We are all very excited to be back at school seeing our friends and catching up with the adults too!  In our class this year our teacher is Mrs Smith and she is with us every day.  On Mondays and Tuesdays Miss Burt will be working with us and on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays Mrs Maw comes to work with us too!  

 ​Our topic this term is based on the story ‘The Snail and the Whale’ written by Julia Donaldson. We will be finding out about the different places the Snail and the Whale visit on their journey around the world and comparing them to where we live.  If you have visited any other places in the world we would love to see any souvenirs or photographs that would help the children understand how different places can be!

Our Snail and the whale day!

On our first day back this term we had lots of fun starting our new topic!   We read the story, found out about the author, carried out some surveys to find out which animal in the story we liked the best, made pictograms, found out about the habitats in the story, helped create a new display for our classroom using our art skills and finally used the clay to make our own creatures from the story!   Check out our photographs below to show us getting up to some of the exciting activities......we will add some more when we have finished making our models and the display!

We love reading!

​Thank you to those parents who have already made a fantastic start by helping their child to complete their homework and by listening to them read.   A little bit of time at home each day really does make a huge difference! Keep it up!

Please make sure your child brings their book bag to school with them every day as we will be listening to children read throughout the week.  The children are expected to change their own reading book each day if they need too.  Reading diaries are checked most days and there are rewards for children who have read to a grown up at home.  Extra opportunities are also offered to spend some time in school reading to those who are struggling to read at home.
As well as school reading books we hope that you will be able to support your child in enjoying books and learning to read.  A wonderful opportunity to this is sharing their library book which they choose each week.  Try to remember to return these each Thursday so that we can change them.


We have booked a trip to visit the Sealife Centre in Hunstanton on Tuesday 27th September!    This will help us with our science learning this term which is all about animals and their habitats.  We will be able to study different sealife creatures up close, talk to the experts,  and look at how each animal is adapted so they are suited to their own habitat!  We are sure the children will love meeting the different creatures and hopefully even be brave enough to hold some of them!  More details will follow in a letter to parents shortly.  Check back here to see our photographs after the trip!  

Read, write, inc. and language and literacy

​All children spend one hour each morning in either a  Read,Write Inc.  or language and literacy lesson,.  During these lessons the children learn both reading and writing alongside each other.  We also have regular handwriting lessons, as it is an expectation that by the end of year two most children are able to join their writing. For those children who have finished our read, Write, Inc programme they will be beginning our new spelling programme. This is a short focused spelling session each day. Each Wednesday the children will bring home their spelling homework book with the spellings in that they have chosen to practise that week. If they practise them and a grown up signs  their book they will earn a reward in school. 
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Reminders for parents and children

​As the children in our class are all 6 or 7 years old we expect that they are becoming more independent in their own learning and personal care.  In year 2 we expect that children:
· Bring a water bottle to school every day.
· Remember to bring their own book bag and homework to school.
· Wait on the playground in the   mornings without their parents (if you need to pass a message on the mentors are always on the gate).
· Look after their jumper and lunch bag in school making sure they put it in their tray/on their peg/on the lunch trolley.
Our mental maths sessions start at 8.40am and therefore  all children need to be on the playground before the whistle blows at 8.40am. 
Those that are late need miss out on these sessions which means they will fall behind.  Most children are in on time everyday—Well done, keep it up!

​Our normal P.E. day will be Tuesdays, however this can change and sometimes we will have extra lessons.  Please make sure your child has a full P.E kit in school everyday and that all items are named (including plimsolls!)!

Our display is finished!

Take a look at our fantastic artwork that we did on our first day back!  If you look closely you will be able to see the different techniques we used!


On Tuesday 27th September we went on an exciting adventure to Hunstanton to visit the sealife centre.  We saw lots of amazing sea creatures and we even got to hold some of them!  Check out our photos below!

TERM 2 2016


Over the holidays we have all been working on an autumn project with our families. Some of us did some artwork, others wrote poems and some took photographs.  They were all fantastic and Mrs Birks came to see all of them and we all earnt our very own headteachers sticker!  We have been taking it in turns to sit in the teacher's chair and tell everyone what we did and then thinking of questions to ask each other. 
Back at school we had our very own Autumn day where we learnt about seasonal change.  In Science we carried out our own investigations to find out if all leaves are the same.  We went into the woods and collected different leaves with our partners and sorted them into venn diagrams in different ways. 


 What a fantastic day we had raising money for this amazing charity!   
We all wore our spotty clothes to school to show our spots for children in need.  In keeping with this theme we held a spotty challenge day.  In our morning collective worship each class pulled a picture out of a surprise bag.  All the pictures turned out to be spotty creatures!  We then spent the day planning our own learning based on the creature we pulled out!   In our class some of us wrote stories, fact files, poems and there was also lots of art work taking place!  We also held a raffle to decide who in our class should be the teacher for the day!  So instead of Mrs Smith we had Mr Jimmy in charge of us!  A highlight of the day was visiting the cake stall at breaktime!


Little angel gets her wings

We had a very busy time in December preparing to perform our Christmas play.  We all worked hard to learn the different songs and also our lines for the production.  On the day of the performance everyone did their best, sang beautifully and wowed the audience!  Everyone was really proud of us!

Term 3 January 2017


​We hope that you all had a lovely Christmas and a peaceful new year!
Our topic this term is ‘The Great Fire of London’ and if you have been into the classroom already you will see that we have been very busy making the classroom look like it belongs in 1666.
Our Topic will start with a fantastic day of drama on Monday 16th January , when the one day creative drama company will be coming in to spend the day with us!  We can’t wait!


​This term our core value is Faith.  We will be thinking about what faith is, and what it means to us both in collective worship and in our classroom.  Perhaps you would like to talk to your child about what faith means to you ?


During the first part of this term we will be thinking about humans and how to keep healthy.  This week we have been thinking about exercise and how it makes our bodies feel, and why it is important to keep us healthy.    A key part of our science work is as always, investigating.

On Monday, Discovery Dog sent an SOS and asked us to help him with a problem he was having!  Naughty Nora had come to stay and she had so much energy she was being a pest! Discovery Dog wanted to know what he could do to wear her out!
We worked together to plan and carry out an investigation to find out an answer for Discovery Dog!  In the pictures below we are outside carrying out our investigations (most of decided to be Nora and tried to find out which exercise wore us out first!
We worked in pairs to collect our data using tally charts.  We then turned our results into pictograms and bar charts before letting discovery Dog know that the best exercise to wear out Naughty Nora would be.......JUMPING!


Chloe from the One Day Creative drama company came and spent the day with us as a 'WOW' start to our new topic .......and what a WOW it was!

To start the day we played some drama games to help us learn some new drama techniques that we would use throughout the day and to introduce us to the important 3 things to learn today......COMMUNICATION, CO-OPERATION and CONCENTRATION!    We then climbed into our time machines and set the dials back to 1666, and before we knew it we had arrived in the busy London streets!   It was a busy market....Did you know Asda didn't exist?!  We transformed our hall into the market and we became sellers working hard to make a living!   After that we met King Charles II and were invited into his palace!  We became the lords and ladies in his royal court and we even met the naughty jesters!  Eventually we explored the houses in London before falling asleep inside one of them!  But then it happened.....the fire broke out on Pudding Lane and we had to spread the word!  We met poor Thomas Farriner and also Samuel Pepys who was busy writing his diary!  We watched as the fire spread and found out why!  Finally we had to help put the fire out using buckets of water from the River Thames.  We were so relieved when the King sent the order to use dynamite to blow up the houses.....thankfully it worked just in time for us to climb back into our time machines and head back to 2017 before home time!!!! Phew what a busy day we had!


This term we are learning to play the glockenspiel in our music lessons.    We have been learning to sing some raps and then playing the glockenspiel in time with the beat of the rap.  This has been quite tricky but working together we are all learning to listen carefully and play in time.  


This term we are finding out more about Judaism.  We are focusing on special festivals and ceremonies that are celebrated in the Jewish religion.   
We watched a Jewish wedding ceremony and compared what we saw to weddings that we have attended.  One of the main differences we found was that at a Jewish wedding the couple stand under a Chuppah to say their vows.  The Chuppah symbolises the couple's new home.

We all made our own Chuppahs in any way we chose too.  Here are Pijus and Dominik with their lego Chuppah!
We have also been learning about the festival of Passover.  We listened to the story and watched a video showing how Jewish families celebrate.  We learnt  that they have a special meal and eat foods from the Seder plate that remind them of the Passover story.  We all then made our own Seder plate thinking about what each food represents.  Here we are with our Seder plates!

Term 4 February 2017

Our New Value is COMPASSION

This term we have a new core value that we will be exploring together.  We will be thinking about what the word means and learning how we can show compassion every day to other people.  We will also be finding out about compassion in the bible.  Perhaps you would like to look in your bible at home and find some stories with your child that show compassion?  Or in other books they might have read?   

Lemon TREe class become bakers in thomas farriner's bakery

​Of the many events recorded in Samuel Pepys' Diaries, the Fire of London is one of the most significant. It has been suggested by some sources that the fire was caused by burning some small cakes . The original recipe was written down as follows:

"Take one pound of very fine flower and put to it half a pound of sugar. Add half a pound of currants well washed. When your flower is well mixed with the sugar and currants, you must put in it a half a pound of melted butter, three spoonfuls of milk, with the yolks of three new-laid eggs beat with it, some nutmeg; and if you please, three spoonfuls of Sack. When you have mixed your paste well, you must put it in a dish by the fire, till it be warm. Then make them up in little cakes, and prick them full of holes. Bake them in a quick oven unclosed. Afterwards sprinkle them with sugar. The Cakes should be about the bigness of a hand-breadth and thin; of the cise of the Sugar Cakes sold at Barnet."

We read and tried to follow the instructions from Samuel Pepy’s diary and we decided it was very tricky to follow!  We worked together in teams to follow the recipe.  We had to do everything ourselves!  After we had made the cakes we wrote our own instructions to show how to make the Great Fire of London cakes.
Check out our photo's below to see us in action!

World Book Day

On Thursday 2nd March we celebrated World Book Day and had lots of fun! We came to school dressed as characters from a variety of different books and all looked fantastic. Mrs Smith and Mrs Maw were transformed into princesses for the day too! The day began with us sharing our favourite books with our friends and writing our own book reviews to tell others all about them.

The main theme for our day of activities was based around the story of Pocahontas which we enjoyed listening to. We then got creative after hunting for some sticks in the woods and made our own 'Owner sticks'. These are a tradition of the Native Americans and they were used as a mark of ownership. When a tribe went hunting and killed an animal, they would place their owner stick next to the animal to show other tribes that the kill belonged to them. Other tribes respected this and continued to hunt for their own animals. Another tradition we explored of the Native Americans was that of making Totem poles. We learnt what they are and some of the different things they can represent and then worked together to create our own animal totem pole. Each animal on the totem pole represents a different characteristic we thought our class had e.g. a lion shows bravery, a spider shows creativity and a cheetah represents speed.

Our trip to the fire station

On Friday 10th March we went on a trip to the fire station!  We had lots of fun finding out about firefighters and the different jobs they do!  We saw their different vehicles, investigated the many pieces of equipment on the engines, went for a ride in a fire engine and had a go at using the real fire hoses!  We thought it was our best trip ever!   Back at school we compared what we had found out at the fire station to what we had learnt about how fires were put out in 1666 and wrote a report comparing the two.  We all agreed that we are very lucky to have the fire service in 2017!

Building houses from 1066

We have thoroughly enjoyed our Spring term topic learning all about the Great Fire of London. To end our topic we designed, built and evaluated our own houses from that period. The children worked in groups to create their houses, thinking carefully about the materials they were made of and the features they had. We are sure you will agree they look fantastic! You can also see our final display showing lots of the fun we had during this topic.

Easter bonnet fun!

The end of the Spring term saw our annual Easter bonnet parade during family collective worship. We would like to thank all our parents for their support in making fantastic bonnets at home with the children.  

Welcome Back to the summer term in year 2

​We hope that you all had a lovely Easter and enjoyed some of the lovely weather we had!

Our topic this term is based on the stories about Katie written by James Mayhew.   We will be using these stories to help us to explore the UK, its main cities, the seas around it and then looking closer at our home town of Boston. 

If you have visited different places in the UK and you would like to bring a photograph in the share with us we look forward to seeing them!


Our first day back at school was full of science fun!  In the morning we posed our own questions about the ice balloons we had investigated last term.  We all decided upon a question that we would like to investigate, then worked together in teams to plan and carry them out (without Mrs Smith's help!).  The classroom was a hive of activity with weighing, measuring, using thermometers and collecting results. And of course we tried hard to make sure our tests were fair! 


This term our science learning is all about plants.  To start our lessons Mrs Smith set us a challenge.  We had to create our own flowering plant using the art materials in the classroom.  Then we needed to label the parts of the plant and some of us found out what functions the different parts have and added these to our work.  Take a look at some of our work below!

Welcome back to our final half term in year 2!

We hope you all had a lovely half term break and were able to outside enjoying the sunshine!  Now that all of our SAT tests have finished we are looking forward to enjoying our last few weeks in year 2 consolidating all the learning from the year.  In topic we will be moving our focus to the local area and finding out about natural and man-made features in our local area.   Our science work will continue to be investigative,  based on plants which will be linking with our literacy work where we are finding out about chocolate, where it comes from, how it was made and of course how much of it we eat!   We will then be writing our own explanation texts sharing the information we have found out.

Child safety week 2017

In year 2 we spent child safety week learning about how to keep safe in different ways.  

On Monday we spent some time thinking about road safety.  We learnt the green cross code and practised crossing the road.  We then wrote instructions to tell other children how to cross the road safely.
On Tuesday we found out about car seat safety.  We started off by doing some research to find out about car seats, why we need them and who should use them.  We learnt that children needed to be 135cm tall to not sit in a car seat.  Some of us were very surprised and thought that we didn't need to use one! We found out that 9 children in our class weren't using a car seat when they should be!  We then decided we should go and find out if children in other classes knew these safety rules.  In teams we visited other classes, measured the children and surveyed how many use car seats.  We were shocked to find children in every class up to year 4 who should use a car seat and don't!  
On Wednesday we learnt about stranger danger.  We did some fantastic drama to show the younger children what they should do if a stranger tries to approach them!
At the end of the week we invited our parents in to our collective worship where we all shared some of the important things we had learnt.  Everyone in our class took part and did an amazing job speaking confidently to the whole school and parents too!


​This term  we will be having a weekly times tables test.  Please help your child to learn their times tables!  Begin by practising counting in 2s, 3s, 5s, 10s.  When your child is confident move onto times tables questions eg 7 x 2 =.  The aim is for the children to be able to rapidly recall their times tables fact out of order.


​This term we are continuing to find out about England and other countries.   As lots of children have shown a great deal of interest in other countries our homework this term is designed to help them to find out more about a country they are interested in. This will be instead of our usual homework books.
1.       Choose a country you would like to find out about.
           This could be one you have visited or one you have never been to before!
2.       You could visit the library and choose books that will give you some information on your country, search the Internet or maybe ask someone who knows a lot about that place!
4.       Things you could include in your project:
*The flag of your country
*The weather there
*Where in the world it is
*What languages are spoken?
*What is the capital city?
*What is special about it?

Photos/pictures of special places. 
5.       Think carefully about how you want to present your project.  You could create a poster, a factsheet, write a report or create a powerpoint presentation!
Be creative and try your best!!!
 Please bring your completed project into school by Monday 10th July so that we have time to share them together before the end of term.


As part of our work learning about plants we have been thinking about the types of plant we eat!  We looked at some of the plants and worked together to identify which part of the plant we eat - the roots, the stem, the leaves or the fruit from the flower.  Some of us were very surprised too find out where our food comes from!  
We really enjoyed the story Tops and Bottoms!  Listen to it here: ​
Today we have been exploring some of the plants that we eat.   We used them to make our own salad bowl so that we could try the different salads.   We were able to choose which ingredients to use, prepare them using equipment safely and finally eating them!  Lots of us were surprised by the taste of some of the salads!  Most of us agreed we didn't like the taste of a radish but we did all like eating carrots!

After making our healthy salads we have been learning about how we can eat healthily!  Some of us were surprised to learn that to be healthy we can eat all foods but as part of a balanced diet!  We used the eatwell plate to help us to design a healthy meal making sure we choose items from the different food groups.  Here are some of our healthy meals!