Boston St Nicholas C of E Primary School
Year 2 Lemon

Autumn Term

​This term we are learning about the Great Fire of London! 
We have been very busy in Lemon Tree class already this term, learning about where London is and looking at what life was like in the 17th century when the  Great Fire happened. We looked at what would be a good source of evidence to find out more about the topic and learnt lots of facts about Samuel Pepys and his famous diary! In science we have investigated what materials would be a good choice for different items and read and rewrote the poem 'Woolly Saucepan' by Michael Rosen.

School Trip

We went on the most amazing trip to Boston Fire Station! We were shown around the fire station and had a talk all about the different equipment used by the firefighters on the fire engines. We watched in amazement,  as the showed us how far the extendable ladder went! 
The highlight of the children's morning was being allowed to squirt water from the firefighters hoses and even having a go in an actual fire engine! 


We have been trying hard at building up our stamina for both reading and writing and have enjoyed reading and completed our first class novel 'The twits' by Roald Dahl. We are moving on to Fantastic Mr Fox next!
We have read stories with familiar settings, wrote about real life events and will also be learning to read and write instruction texts this term! 


We have been practicing hard understanding numbers to 100. We have used a variety of maths equipment to show and explain what each digit represents and have been developing our reasoning and problem solving skills as a class. 

Religious Education

In RE this term we are learning about  'THE GOOD EARTH' and thinking about how thankful we  are for the wonderful world in which we all live. We had our lovely Harvest Festival in school on Friday the 6th October, where the children performed a Harvest Poem to the whole school and parents. They were fantastic! So loud and clear! I was very proud!

Our Value

Our core value this term is Family. we have looked closely at how each family is special and unique not one is the same. During reflection time we have questioned who belongs to the children's family and have helped the children to understand that we  have many people that are a part of our family, not just those who may live with us. 

Autumn  Term 2                                      Land Ahoy!

This term we have launched our new topic curriculum and enjoyed a day exploring all things PIRATES! The children followed written instructions to make their own pirates hats and were given there very own eye patch and earring  to wear for the day! They created treasure maps and are looking forward to using them during our Good to be Green reward time!

Spring Term
Mucks, Messes and Mixtures!

We held a ‘Messy Mixtures Afternoon’! We let the children experience a variety of weird and wonderful mixtures that they could feel with their hands and feet.  They created messy mixtures from cornflour and water, paint, jelly, shaving foam, body lotion, soap flakes and clay. They were allowed to ladle, pour, touch and explore with their senses (but no tasting!)

George's Marvellous Medicine

This term we are looking at the author Roald Dahl and are focussing a lot of our English work around his book George's Marvellous Medicine.  We have transformed our classroom in to a magical explosion of colour to inspire the children to think and  write more creatively!

Art and Design

Giuseppe Arcimboldo
We looked at the famous artist, Guiseppe Arcimbolo and practised our cutting and peeling skills in Design Technology to create our very own masterpieces based on his work.

Our Core Value this term is Reverence