Boston St Nicholas C of E Primary School
Year 2 Pear

Welcome to Pear Tree Class!

We are always busy in year 2 and love our learning! We are working hard to become independent in our tasks and we particularly enjoy our challenge area in the classroom.

Autumn Term 2012

This term our topic has been 'Ourselves'. We have learnt about our bodies, our local area, our history and how to keep safe. One of the highlights of the term was a visit by Mr Steve from Asda. He brought along lots of delicious healthy fruits for us to taste and we then all made our own fruit cocktail to take home for tea!

On Tuesday 16th October, we went for a walk in our local area, looking at the different buildings and we also carried out a traffic survey. We found out that Skirbeck road is a very busy road for cars and lorries, but we did not think it was very safe for pedestrians.

Children In Need Fun!

On Friday 16th November the whole school had fun raising money for Children In Need! We all wore our pyjamas to school (including Mrs Maw and Mrs Smith), and took part in different activities to raise lots of money. Our favourite things were making Pudsey bear cakes, creating outfits for our best dressed bear competition and of course a visit from the famous bear himself!

Fun with electricity!

This term we have been learning all about electricity. We have found out how to keep ourselves safe when near electricity and also learnt about what it is used for. Our favourite part of this topic was building our own circuits using wires, bulbs and batteries. Some of us even managed to used switches and buzzers to recreate the electrical ciruits we see everyday in our homes!

Christmas with the Aliens!

During term 2 our class topic has been Aliens love Underpants! We have had lots of fun designing and making our own aliens, listening to alien stories and learning lots of new songs for our Christmas play......Christmas with the aliens!

Here we are all dressed up and ready for our first performance.

Spring Term 2013

We have had a busy start to 2013 in Pear Tree Class! Our topic for the first half of the term was Peter Pan and we have enjoyed watching the film, listening to the story, describing the characters, making maps of Neverland and learning how to use modroc to create masks!

Art Week

During art week we enjoyed a visit from a very talented artist who taught us how to use newspaper and modroc to create face masks! In pairs we created one for each of the characters from the story of Peter Pan! This was a new skill for all of us and we all agreed it was a really fun way to make a mask. We have now painted and decorated the masks and they are hung up outside our classroom for everyone to see.


This term we have enjoyed learning how to use the new ipads which are new in school! We have been able to use these during our I.C.T. lessons as well as using them to help with our learning in other subject areas.

It's Snowing!

Finally, the snow we had all been waiting for arrived in Boston! We were all very excited about it and couldn't wait to get outside to explore! Some of us made snow angels, some made footprints and others worked as a team to build a snowman!


In our science lessons this term we have been learning about materials and how they can change. First, we found out what materials were used to make things around our school and learnt whether these were natural or man-made. We then looked at how these materials are changed in different ways. After that we have been thinking about how materials can be changed by heating and cooling. Our favourite parts of the topic had to be making jelly and toast, and predicting what changes would occur as we made them.


Our R.E.unit this term is 'What can we learn from the Bible and the Torah?' We have been to visit the church where Father Paul was able to tell us some fascinating facts about the bible. During the second part of the term we will be looking at the Torah and why it is special.
As well as our current topic, we also learnt about the importance of epiphany.

Shrove Tuesday

To celebrate Shrove Tuesday our whole school made pancakes! In Pear Tree class we all helped to weigh the flour, measure the water, crack the eggs and whisk the batter! Miss Burt and Mrs Smith then cooked them for us before we added a topping of our choice then sat down to eat......delicious!
And of course, we finished shrove Tuesday with our very own pancake tossing competiton! We each had a turn to see if we could catch the pancake (don't worry we used a pre-cooked pancake and a cold frying pan!), some of us were experts but others found their pancake didn't always land back in the pan!

What are we going to be doing next?

Here are our plans until the easter break:

Week 1 - keeping healthy week- focusing on healthy eating.

Weeks 2,3,4 - Mini Topic - We're going to the Zoo ! (Science and Art focus)
Week 5 - Easter week

Science - Variation
ICT - creating and shaping texts
PHSE - Going for Goals
P.E. - large apparatus

We will also be continuing with our friday morning sessions 'Crazy for music' and sport with Mr Angel.