Boston St Nicholas C of E Primary School

Willow Tree Class

Welcome to Willow Tree Class!

​Our topic this term is based on the story Pirates Love Underpants by Claire Freedman. We will be finding out about the different places the pirates might visit on their journey around the world and comparing the features of these countries to where we live.  We will develop our geography skills by looking at, following and making maps to find hidden treasure! We may even get one of the teachers in school to ‘Walk the Plank’ at our end of term dressing up Pirate Day!


Our Pirate DAy!

On our first day back the class had a lots of fun starting our new topic! We read the story, found out about the author, followed instructions to make pirate hats, created pictograms in maths about how much treasure different pirate had found, went on a treasure hunt in our out door area,  made boats out of paper, started to learn to read maps like a pirate and even designed and made a pirate ship!

Spring term

​Our topic this term is based on the story Ug by Raymond Briggs. Ug and his parents are living in the Stone Age. And that means stone blankets, stone cold food, an even colder cave and, worst of all, hard stone trousers! Being an inquisitive and intelligent child, Ug suggests a series of modifications to improve the quality of family life. His ideas about heating, cooking, boats, and balls that actually bounce are met with a hostile reaction by his parents who don't know what he's going on about. With the help of his father, who is slowly coming round to his son's way of thinking, Ug comes close to his ultimate clothing goal, only to find that there are some obstacles even a boy genius can't overcome.
We have been learning about Stone Age cave drawings, and used a variety of media to represent our own cave drawings. Cave drawings mainly consisted of animals, people and hand prints which you can see in our finished pictures in the slide show opposite. 

our Stone age Day - lets pretend!

We had such an amazing day, time travelling back to the Stone Age. ​The workshop was jam-packed full of drama! The professional director  took the children on a ONE DAY adventure steeped in history, curiosity and wonder, as they journeyed  through 8,000 years of pre-historic Britain.​ Our budding thespians explored a diverse range of key themes such as; stimulating their imaginations, encouraging discussion, enhanced speaking and listening skills, improved confidence, teamwork  and oh yes… let’s not forget… they had bags and bags of fun!


In English, we are learning about a playscript called 'A Tune of lies'  by Lou Kuenzler.​  They will explore the key themes in the playscript of friendship and lying and the techniques typical of the genre. In the writing week, children develop ideas for an extended scene for the play, using what they know about the characters to develop convincing actions and dialogue for them.


​We will be continuing with our daily maths sessions every morning and as we are now in year 3 we will be looking at larger numbers up to 1000. 

You can help at home by:
· Continuing to count on and back in a variety steps and describe and compare different numbers to 1000
· Add and subtracting mentally and develop their formal written methods
· Know the  multiplication and related division facts for the 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 times tables and division facts.
· Uses and apply these facts to develop the formal written methods for division and multiplication.
· Recognise and write fractions and find fractions of group of objects.
· Measure accurately using a range of metric units of measure including money.
Please support your child in practising their skills a t home using everyday practical contexts.

Re - Islam

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This term we have been learning about Islam. We found out about Muslim's places of worship and how important prayer is to them . We looked at the Qur'an and learnt that they decorated the Mosque the with pretty patterns instead of animals and humans. 
We made mobiles using the Islamic symbols of a crescent moon and a star. They children decorated them in greens and whites as these are important colours for Muslims. 
The children had opportunities to use the artifacts on our RE display to role play how Muslims prayed to Allah  five times a day! 

Science - Rocks 

​Our Science topic this term is focusing on rocks  and soils.   We will be carrying out practical investigations and develop  the use of the  relevant scientific vocabulary.  

Welcome Back to the summer Term 2017

We hope you all had a lovely Easter break and enjoyed the sunshine!   We have lots of exciting things planned for the first half of our summer term.  Our topic this term is 'Extreme Earth' during which we will be finding out about volcanoes, earthquakes and other extreme events that happen on the earth!   To start off our topic we followed instructions to create our own exploding volcanoes!

Literacy and Language

This term our literacy and language focus is Poetry.  We have been reading different types of poems and seeing how these use the different features in them.  We also learnt a poem about the water cycle and thinking about pace, volume, actions and intonation we practised and performed it for the class. Here we are performing them!

God's beautiful world

In R.E our unit of work this term is 'God's Beautiful World'.  We started it by going outside in our outdoor environment and looked for things that we thought were beautiful in the area around the school.  We then used these photos to inspire our own artwork in the classroom.  See the photos we took below!

Our Core value

This term's value is friendship.  We have already begun thinking about what being a good friend is and bible stories that show friendship.  Try to think about the value of friendship at home and try to be a good friend everywhere you go!

Science - Animals including humans

Summer term 2

This term in geography we are looking at land use in our local area. The children we have opportunities to take a careful look at places around them and begin to look for patterns in land use. They will makes of the local area and go on to consider the different types of farming around Boston. 
We are learning what kinds of diets humans need to remain healthy. We have looked at different types of food groups and learnt what nutrients  are. 
We have been amazed about what is inside our own bodies and have been finding out lots of information about different skeletons. 
We worked hard in our groups to work together to build and label our very own skeletons in class! 

Summer term 2