Boston St Nicholas C of E Primary School
Year 3 Willow
PE: Our PE lessons will continue to be on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  We have had some amazing PE sessions with Carl from INSPIRE PLUS which the children really enjoyed.  After the half term holiday and as the weather turns colder tracksuit trousers and a warm top would be a good idea as we will be outside for these sessions.
READING: New reading books and diaries have been issued and I am pleased with the way the year three children are taking responsibility for their reading at home.  The continued expectation is that reading should be happening as much as possible with entries being made in the diary at least three times a week. . I would also like you as the adults to feel free to add your own comments as you listen to your child read.  I continue to check the diaries every week so make sure your reading book and diary is in school every day!
 ENGLISH: We have so far explored play scripts and information texts.  Next term we will be exploring fiction.  We will be continuing to develop our writing and reading skills through the exploration of different text types as well as making connections with our other work in science, topic and R.E. 
RE: Our focus will continue to be on the Christian worship.  We have had some very thoughtful discussions about faith and I’m sure these will continue as we dig deeper into understanding the worship element of the faith has on Christians.
 MATHS: We will be continuing to build on the concepts covered in year two and our main focus this term is on place value and arithmetic.  We have explored numbers in depth and have been representing them in different ways.  Our focus after half term will continue to be on number and place value along with arithmetic and geometry.
TOPIC:  This term we are investigating what it was like during the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age.   We have already done a lot of research on Stonehenge and Stone age houses.  Now as we are using the Cornerstones topic program our work will also develop into looking at the Bronze and Age and Iron Age.  This will be an opportunity to make beaker pots, create a prehistoric dish using berries reproduce our own cave paintings and decorative patterns.
SCIENCE: Our science work focuses on investigating seasonality, plants and seeds. We will explore how plants produce seeds. This links with our topic work on Prehistoric .as we will continue to explore seasonality and how our diets compared to those of our Ancient ancestors.  We will be also exploring light and shadows and again linking this to our topic in connection with Stonehenge and the significance of the summer and winter solstice 
It’s going to be another busy exciting and fun time in Willow Tree Class.