Boston St Nicholas C of E Primary School
Year 3/4 Palm

Welcome to Palm Tree Class!

We hope you have had a refreshing half term break. Read on to find out about all of the fantastic work we will be doing in Spring Term 2.

Geography, Music and Science

Our topic for this term is the rainforest. We are learning about rainforest habitats, including the plants and animals that live there. We will be investigating the environmental issues surrounding deforestation and will be considering the lives of the people who are natives of the rainforest. Children will be investigating what plants need to grow and thrive, and will be experimenting with different natural and artificial ('man made') materials to create an insulated environment.

Literacy (English)

Last term, some of our literacy writing genres and text types were taught through the context of our topic. We have been reading and writing creation myths from around the world, thinking about how people of different religions and ethnicities believe the world came into being. We have also been writing information texts about the rainforest and the things that inhabit it. We have looked at stories that raise issues or dilemmas, and have used Disney's 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame' as our visual stimulus. This term, we will be writing stories from fantasy settings using the Harry Potter books as inspiration.


As always, maths learning this term will be a mix of problem solving, number work, shape, space, measures and data handling. Sometimes, when and where it fits, this learning is linked to our rainforest topic.

Art & Design, Design & Technology and Personal, Social & Health Education (PSHE)

Last term, we very lucky to have Wendy, a visiting artist, in school. She taught Years 3 and 4 how to use different media to sculpt and create three-dimensional effects. The first week back at the end of February is an equally creative week; the whole school will be thinking and learning about healthy foods and balanced diets, and will be cooking meals and creating art work based on this learning. Because we are Palm Tree Class, we are planning to cook a delicious, coconut-ty curry, and parents and carers are being invited in to help us!

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

In ICT, children will be using the 'Pages' app on the school’s new iPads to mix words and images in documents. Very exciting!

Physical Education (PE)

We also have lots of new resources that the children will have access to in our PE sessions. Mark Angel from Arsenal Football School and the swimming trainers from Geoff Moulder Leisure Pool in Boston will be teaching the children this term.

Religious Education (RE)

This term, we are continuing our learning about the Bible and the stories contained in it, including what we can learn from these to help us be good people in our everyday lives. Before the holidays, we watched the fantastic 'Prince of Egypt' movie and have created works of art based on the Old Testament story of Moses. We visited St Nicholas Church to see how Father Paul stores and looks after the Church Bibles, and how this shows they are special and important to Christians.


As a school, we are trying a new system of homework. In all classes, apart from Foundation Stage, children will now get one piece of homework on Friday every week. Children have until Tuesday of the following week to complete it, with your help. Most pieces will be literacy or maths based, but there may be creative opportunities later on in the term.

Thank You!

As we always say, thank you for your continued support. This is a very short term but we will be cramming it with just as much learning!

Mr Danks (Teacher) and Mrs Harrison (Teaching and Learning Assistant)