Boston St Nicholas C of E Primary School
Welcome to the home of Oak Tree Class on the Boston St Nicholas School website. Mr Gormal, Ms Johal and Miss Chase all spend time working with the wonderful  children in Oak Tree Class.  Read on to discover what we are getting up to this term.
Have a look at some of the work we have done together so far this year in Oak Tree Class. The children especially enjoyed the science lesson that involved making custard and trying to throw it at Mr Gormal! You can also see some of our measuring and sorting work in maths as well as some rugby coaching and orienteering in P.E.
In Maths we are looking at solving problems involving geometry. We are learning about acute, obtuse and right-angles as well as symmetry and other properties of shapes. We will also be revising place value and the four operations. Later on in the term we will be learning about statistics and data interpretation. We will be conducting a survey to find out the different ways children travel to school before presenting the data in a graph then asking and answering a range of questions about the information to better understand it. In order to support at home please help your child practice their mental maths skills, such as remembering their times tables. If you ask your child, they can show you the 'skip counting' method we have been using this year.
‚ÄčIn English we have been learning about stories with historical settings. We have been using a range of drama and discussion activities to study a range of characters from the stories 'Runaways' and 'Street Child'. The children will be attempting to show how characters are feeling through their actions and dialogue and put 'clues' in their story to show that it takes place in a historical setting. Finally, as part of our non-fiction work, the children will be creating newspaper reports all about the life and work of Dr Barnardo, the founded of the children's charity Barnardos.
In topic this term we are learning all about maps and the continent we live in, Europe. We will be finding out about why people choose to move from one country to another and deciding where we would like to live in the future, based on what we have learnt. We are also going to be brushing up on our map skills with a range of orienteering challenges around school alongside Redwood Tree Class.
In P.E we are concentrating on 'striking and fielding'. This involves practicing and developing different throwing and striking skills before putting them together in a competitive game situation. We will be receiving rugby coaching every Monday afternoon from Will from Inspire+. Please remember to bring your P.E into school every day; we will be doing P.E  Wednesday afternoons.
In R.E we are learning about religion in our neighbourhood.. We have been discussing the different religions and cultures that exist around Boston as well as finding out about their respective places of worship. Oak Tree Class all agreed that our community is a much better, and more exciting, place when it is made up of people from lots of different backgrounds and cultures.