Boston St Nicholas C of E Primary School


Welcome back to school year 5! We can’t wait to get stuck into our work as we have lots and lots of exciting things planned. Our topics this year are all exciting with some exciting outdoor elements which will really help you to engage with your learning.

Mr Hackett (Class teacher)
Mrs Deri-White (Supporting teacher)
Mrs Almack (Supporting teacher)
We will continue to develop our reading skills through all the elements of the curriculum and in formal Guided Reading lessons.  Children in Year 5 are expected to read at home at least five times a week. Some weeks this may be accompanied with further homework. This will include spelling practice and handwriting sheets. Children are being encouraged in the class to work towards having a Reading Journal. We will be looking at how to write comments about the book they are reading and your child can earn a new Reading Journal when they have demonstrated to us that they are producing appropriate responses to their home reading.

Spellings are an important element of writing and help children to improve their vocabulary. As part of our spelling programme, your child will be bringing home their spelling log book every Wednesday with spellings to learn. They will need to bring these back into school on a Friday.  Other spellings may be sent home during the week based around our learning for that week. Please help your child by practising these with them and placing them into sentences for context. If you are finding a particular word difficult turn it into a poem, chant it, or draw it.
In writing, initially, as a class, we are exploring Narrative to form our own episode of a story.  This will be based around a fairy tale where the children have to create their own terrible monster. We will follow this by finding the differences between biography and autobiography with the children using these features to create their own.
We will continue to develop our maths work by working in partners as this has benefited the children. Our new topics include formal methods for calculating multiplication and division, which children will approach through problem solving. Through their development of these skills children will be able  explain their understanding. Fractions are also an important topic of this term, children will have initially a hands on experience before looking at them as an abstract idea, before looking at solving problems associated with these. 
This term they children are continuing to learn about life cycles of plants, birds and mammals  and how these differ. The children have already dissected flowers and identified the key parts. As the term goes on we hope to explore our woodland area to monitor and find different insects.
This terms topic is geography, where the children will return to map work from earlier in the year. We will be completing orientation exercise around the school to master our map skills.  Mr Swift will be in every Monday to continue to teach the children trumpet and trombone. They are doing exceedingly well! 
The children will be learning how to ride their bikes safely on the 19th/20th of June!
Mrs Almack will continue to work with the children helping them to reflect on what worship is, how Christians participate in this on their own and as a group and how they show their faith. The main focus will be recognising the beauty in our world and how Christians see beauty in God. 
Things to remember

Coats – Please ensure that you child has a coat. The lovely warm weather has now begun but as we have seen in recent weeks it can change quickly. Come rain or shine we willl be working outside as part of our geography come rain or shine.

Homework – homework will be given out on various days through the week. This is expected to be handed in on a Thursday. There is a homework inbox in the classroom so that children can hand work in earlier than the deadline.

P.E. – PE is on Wednesdays.
Children need to have in their P.E. kits a full set of outdoor kit and indoor kit. Due to the possibility of unforeseen timetable changes P.E. kits must be in school each day. Outdoor kit comprises of – trainers, jogging bottoms and sweatshirt/hoodie. Please do not send in any clothing which is not school colours.
Indoor kit comprises of – plimsolls, black shorts (Black P.E. skirt), house colour T-shirt (otherwise white)