Boston St Nicholas C of E Primary School
Year 5 Rowan
Welcome to year 5 Rowan tree Class. We have had an exciting start to the year with a new way of learning mathematics, our new topic and our new classes. The children have been working hard and have settled well into year 5 learning. We look forward to sharing with you different things we have covered during the year.

Alchemy Island

Until Christmas our class learning will be focused on Alchemy Island. We will learn about all our non-core subjects through this theme. We started by discovering a mysterious portal is our school woodland area before trying to decode the strange riddle, the children loved this experience.

The children have explored portals through photography. The children searched for natural portals before manipulating them with software.
The children then explored the map of Alchemy island after discussing how contour lines are used. We added what we think the contour lines would look like. The class then finally used their knowledge of co-ordinates to follow a path through the strange land.


For the first four weeks of the year the children in Rowan tree have worked exceptionally hard to master place value, addition and subtraction. Moving on now, to a new style of learning, the children are exploring multiplication and division where the children have mastered some really tricky concepts!
- developed multiplying by 10, 100, 1000 and explain how this happens.
- Associated facts.
- Associated facts problem  solving.
- Using the bar model to understand problems.

If you would like further information please do not hesitate to contact Mr Hackett.


We will continue to look at different genres over the course of the year.  Until Christmas Rowan Class will focus on non-chronological reports, fantasy settings and descriptive poetry. To help your child please encourage practise of spellings, handwriting and completing any homework.

Suggested books to read at home include: - 
A wizard of Earthsea - The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - The Tempest - Shadow Forest - Coraline - Tom's Midnight Garden
- Frozen in Time - Where the Wild things are - The Magic Farawat Tree - Alice's Adventure in Wonderland - Howl's Moving Castle

Reminders/Things to know

Homework - Homework is handed out every Friday and is expected back the following Thursday. This will include spellings, one piece of maths or writing, to have read 5 times and the children's Themed homework.
PE - Physical education is timetabled to Wednesday and Friday. However time tables do change so please ensure you child always has a change of clothes in school.
Drinks - Children will be allowed drinks during lesson time, however, these need to be in appropriate sealed bottle. Only water is permitted.